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Two recent roles in short films were in Poppy (2017) and Dust (2016).

James is one of the three characters in Left Behind, a Tropfest film directed by Debbie Thoy which was partly shot in his own house. See the image below.

James was a nominee for Best Actor, WA Screen Academy Awards 2014 for his part in Harvey's Dream, a short film directed by Alexander von Hofmann.

He is in Indefinite (Kane George Jason, 2015). The film was shown at festivals and at a cast-and-crew screening at Luna on Essex 7 June 2018.

He plays a major part as Father Bernard in Foreshadow (Carmelo Musca, 2013). There's a clip from that on the homepage.

As Father Emmett he plays a priest again in John V. Soto's film The Reckoning. After its premiere at the British Independent Film Festival in May 2014, director Soto won the award for Best Direction. The film was released in Australia in late 2014.

A previous film role was that of the Police Commissioner in Geoff Bennett's film The Great Mint Swindle (2012).

Previous film successes include the key role as the father in Little Sparrows (2010) which was screened at the Rome International Film Festival, and as the mysterious murderer in Needle (2010).

From the Hoyden about Town review of Little Sparrows - in which James Hagan's character's name is James:

When Susan is with her husband, determinedly kind as he tries to cope with anticipating her upcoming death, we can see that James knows that he has fallen short for her somehow, he wishes for more from himself on some levels, but at the core he doesn’t fully understand what it is that is missing between them.


James plays a powerful role as a detective in Police Rescue, series 3, episode 16: 'The Hard Way', 1992.left behind


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