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James began his stage career at the Perth Playhouse in 1975. After spending seven years touring Britain and Europe with the acclaimed Australian theatre company, Triad Stage Alliance, he worked with English speaking theatres of Frankfurt (Germany) and Florence (Italy). Since returning to Australia in 1985, James has worked consistently in theatre, film and radio.


2016 Hobo, Fred, Blue Room, two seasons
2015 Allegiance, Winston Churchill, Irish Club
2014 Passion, Barabbas, Government House
2014 Twelfth Night, Feste, Shakespeare in the Park
2013 The Death of a Salesman, Dialect Coach, Black Swan Theatre Company
2013 Much Ado about Nothing, Antonio/Verge
2012 Boy Gets Girl, Les Kennkat, Black Swan Theatre
2012 The Fremantle Candidate, Harold Bentley & Frank Ansty, Deckchair Theatre Company
2011 Aladdin, Widow Twanky, Janus Entertainment
2011 Red, Mark Rothko, Onwards Productions
2010 The Taming of the Shrew, Baptista, Shakespeare WA
2008 The Crucible, Giles Corey, Black Swan Theatre Company
2008 The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell, Daniel Gartrell, Perth Theatre Company
2007 Don't Look Back, Clerk, Perth International Arts Festival
2007 Amadeus, Count Orsini, Perth Theatre Company
2006 Death on Rails, Inspector Veicz, West Rail Productions
2006 Midsummer Nights Dream, Peter Quince, Shakespeare In The Vines
2006 Charitable Intent, The Boss, Playhouse Perth
2004 Lovers at Versailles, Stephen, Ensemble
2003 Romeo & Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Shakespeare By The Sea
2003 Macbeth, Macbeth, Shakespeare By The Sea
2002 Hamlet, Polonius, Shakespeare By The Sea
2002 The Tempest, Caliban, Shakespeare by the Sea
2002 The Taming of the Shrew, Baptista, Bell Shakespeare
2001 Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare by the Sea
2001 Merry Wives of Windsor, Mr Ford, Shakespeare by the Sea
2000 The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, Shakespeare By The Sea
2000 Much Ado about Nothing, Dogberry, Shakespeare By The Sea
1998/2000 Fox Studios Australia, Chief Officer, Fox Studios Aust.
1999 A Winter's Tale, Autolycus, Shakespeare By The Sea
1999 Sanctuary, Bob King University, N.S.W Actor in Residence
1999 As You Like It, Jacques, Shakespeare By The Sea
1999 A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bottom, New Theatre
1998 The Taming of the Shrew, Baptista, Shakespeare By The Sea
1998 Pygmalion, Henry Higgins, Parramatta Theatre Co
1998 Hamlet, Claudius, Parramatta Theatre Co
1998 King Lear, King Lear, Shakespeare by the Sea
1998 A Great Reckoning in a Little Room, Lord Cecil Bowral, Shakespeare Festival
1997 Aloft, John Higgins, Parramatta Riverside Theatre
1997 Edmond, Man in Bar/Pawnbroker, Belvoir Street Theatre
1997 Lenin, Museum Keeper, Belvoir Street Theatre
1997 Hamlet, Claudius, Parramatta Theatre Co
1997 Measure for Measure, Duke, Shakespeare by the Sea
1997 Twelfth Night, Sir Toby Belch, Shakespeare by the Sea
1996 Communicating Doors, Julian, Marian Street Theatre
1995/1996 Ken Hills - Phantom of the Opera, Groom/Grave Digger/Old Man Mariclair/Priest, Proto Productions Australia/Asia Tour
1994 Macbeth, Porter/Doctor/Groom/Murderer, Bell Shakespeare Co
1994 The Taming of the Shrew, Gremio/Joseph, Bell Shakespeare Co
1993 Reflected Glory, Robert, The Ensemble
1993 Respectable Wedding, Father, Crossroads Theatre
1993 Macbeth, Duncan/Porter, The Hunter Valley Co/Seyton Seward
1992 Miss Julie, Servant, Sydney Theatre Co
1992 The Slab Boys, Willie Curry, Crossroads Theatre
1991 Popular Mechanicals, Bottom/Mouldy, Playhouse Theatre
1991 Twelfth Night, Malvolio, Black Swan Theatre
1991 The Recruiting Officer, Kite, Hole in the Wall
1991 Our Country's Good, Capt Campbell/Brewer/Arscott, Hole in the Wall
1990 Last Wake at She-Oak Creek, Sunshine Logan, Hole in the Wall
1990 Sweeney Todd, Dr Lupin, Hole in the Wall
1990 Serious Money, Nigel/PJ, Hole in the Wall
1990 As You Like It, Corin/Duke Senior, Hole in the Wall
1990 Dr Memory & the Dream House, Barry Rank, PICA


2001 Headstart, Reg, Canon Television
2001 Henry Flood, The Artful Dodger, Grundy Television
2000 Backburner, Professor Phillip Smith, Cadillac Productions
1992 Stark, Du Pont, Cascade Ash Productions
1992 G. P., Mullane, Roadshow Coote and Carroll
1992 Police Rescue 11, Police Sergeant, Southern Star / Xanadu
1988 Maths Break, Himmler, ABC
1988 Fat Cat and the Time Bandits, Time Lord, Nine Network


2015 Indefinite, Barry, Kane George Jason
2014 Harvey's Dream, Harvey, Alexander von Hofmann
2013 The Reckoning, The Priest, John V Soto
2013 Foreshadow, Brother Bernard, Carmelo Musca
2012 The Great Mint Swindle, Police Commissioner, Geoff Bennett
2010 Little Sparrows, James, Camille Chen
1999 In Transit, Russell, AFTRS
1994 Mary MacKillop, Mary's Uncle, In House for Museum Wintergreen
1991 Wind, Australian Journalist, Francis Ford Coppolla
1991 Rondella, Sgt Baker, Western Aust. Film Corp.


James has worked extensively for ABC Radio, recording works as diverse as straight plays, scientific programs as well as poetry. He did a much acclaimed reading of The Journals of Watkin Tench & a bestselling CD of The Gospel according to Luke. His voice has been used in countless television commercials and radio voice-overs. Most recently, James is continuing his work with the voice-overs for Quit Smoking Australia.


James has worked as a character comedian (like Campbell McComis, for example) for Business Conventions and seminars etc. Two of his more successful characters were a drunken, abusive English press baron (for the Printers Union) and an unctuous Californian fitness instructor at various health club dinners. He has also been the link and introduction comedian for the WA Comedy Club. One of his more unusual routines being his impersonation of James Mason, Sir John Geilgud, Richard Burton and Winston Churchill.


Since returning to Perth James has taught at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, The Film & Television institute & has taught countless aspiring actors, voice-over artists & broadcast journalists. James is also in demand as a voice and drama teacher to actors, announcers and business people. He has been speech and drama coach for NIDA Outreach and NSW High School Drama Program.


2013 Equity Guild Award, Best Actor - Mark Rothko in "Red"
2004 The Glugs - NSW, Best Actor - Steven in "Lovers at Versailles" (Ex Sydney Drama Critics Awards) Directed by Denise Roberts - Ensemble Theatre
2003 Short & Sweet Popular Choice Award, Papa in "Bella", One Act Play Competition, Directed by John Higgins
1989 New York Radio Festival, Bronze Prize - Voice Over Government Job Training Video
1987 New York Radio Festival, Silver Prize - Voice Over Liberal Party Campaign Commercial